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Request your appointment today for a very ENGAGING, DYNAMIC and SOLUTION-DRIVEN training class for your professional WORKFORCE, worldwide.

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we offer content management strategies
for digital signage. we help define your return on objective, add value and enhance your viewers’ experience with a purpose.


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English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Romanian, Czech, Dutch, German.

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Prices vary depending on number of participants. Travel & expo expenses are not included in the course price.


Let Dr. ZDM help cure your symptoms by training YOUR professionals HOW to be more EFFICIENT at work and ENABLE them to be VALUE-ADDED assets and PASSIONATE about your company.

Request your appointment today for a very ENGAGING, DYNAMIC and SOLUTION-DRIVEN training class for your professional WORKFORCE, worldwide.

These classes will enable your professionals to be more educated in specific areas and apply solutions to their challenges. Participants will leave these classes motivated and rewarded through innovative ideas and new perspectives about how to take their jobs to new levels of understanding. Finally, they will learn how to embrace their responsibilities to reinforce the current success of your company.

Dr. ZDM comes to you!

Our specialist, Dr. ZDM, takes these classes to locations worldwide and will travel to visit your offices,
conferences, seminars or industry expos where professionals will attend, saving company time and money.

Combined class packages are available.

Check availability and inquire about bundle pricing. Make your appointment today – Dr. ZDM is ready for you!

Hire Dr. ZDM During Expos

For Private On-Site Training During the Following Expos in the U.S. | Seating Available for 5-100.


Leadership & Talent Management

This intense one-day course teaches the most important aspects of leadership and talent management to bring the best out of a company’s workforce.

Globalization & Multiculturalism

This course shares multiculturalism challenges in the workplace and how to face them. Professionals will learn new teamwork tactics when working with people from different countries.

Developing New Vertical Markets for Your Business

This engaging class will teach professionals about tactics to discover creative ways to develop new vertical markets for their business.

Responsive & Strategic Marketing

Marketing has many terms and roles in businesses per industry and this class will teach professionals new and specific ways of doing marketing today.

Best Advertising & Promotional Campaigns

This dynamic and interactive class will showcase the best advertising campaign development strategies to change consumer behavior at the point of purchase or at the point of looking at something as the objective of the advertising piece.

The Impact of Photography & Cinematography

Usage of the right equipment based on production budgets and project requirements for an advertising campaign can be overwhelming. Managing full production for the development of a commercial is an art form.

Graphic Design Rules And Cross Media Development

The title of this class is simple but the complexity of the entire process of graphic design can be overwhelming. Things get complicated from hiring what is referred to as a “creative graphic designer” to “what a good graphic designer actually is”.

Content Intelligence for All Mediums

This engaging class teaches professionals content intelligence tactics to ensure that content and messages are handcrafted based on customer demands, demographics, purpose and much more.

DS 01 - Fundamental Elements of Digital Signage

Digital Signage – Course 1 of 3. This high-energy class will teach the fundamental elements of a digital signage network from implementation, design, software and hardware and content creation.

DS 02 - The Next Generation of Digital Signage

Digital Signage – Course 2 of 3. This obstacle crash course will eliminate the frustrations of digital signage. It brings ideal and practical solutions to professionals when facing problems with digital signage.

DS 03 - Breaking the Obstacles Within Digital Signage

Digital Signage – Course 3 of 3. This is one of the most exciting classes on the market today. Some say “the future is now” but this course explains that tomorrow is always when the future starts.